Underground and Aerial Cable Construction

UDI Cable Services Inc.

Founded in 1996, We are a contractor providing a variety of services to the telecommunications and cable television industries. From construction and maintenance of underground and aerial utility lines to the placement and installation of fiber optic cable for long distance transmission, local loop and broadband facilities, UDI Cable Services Inc. is an experienced utility contractor.

We Service Ottawa and surrounding areas

The best solution at a fair price: on time, and on budget. Throughout the construction process our technicians will ensure that the highest quality of service and equipment is provided. We will strive to exceed your expectations at every step of the way.

  • Aerial Cable Construction
  • Underground Cable Construction
  • New Build / Upgrade Splicing
  • Residential / Commercial Installations
  • Security cleared Technicians
  • Cable Drop Burials
  • Fiber Optic Construction / Splicing / CATV / Installations
  • Audits
  • Camera + Rodding Ducts

Why choose UDI


We offer long term careers with competitive benefits

On Time

We know that you have deadlines. We work hard to meet our commitments


We take pride in what we do and it shows in our finished product


Our ownership team has over 150 combined years of experience in the telecom industry

Our Services

CATV / Fibre Optic Construction and Splicing Department

We can provide design, construction, splicing and set up of a complete fiber optic system. With its highly efficient transmission characteristics, fiber optics is rapidly replacing copper wire systems as the preferred media for communications and data transmission. Fiber optics technology is currently employed in an ever growing number of telecommunications companies, office building complexes, university campuses and industrial plants to meet their communications needs today and well into the future.

Underground and Aerial
Cable Construction

Utilizing the Industry's latest technology, UDI Cable Services Inc. can deliver your cables, conduits and communication lines to the most difficult to reach locations that are impossible with conventional equipment.

- Directional Drilling

- Machine Trenching

- Mini excavator and Hand Trenching

- Underground / Aerial Cable Construction

- Cable Drop Burials

Management Team

Mike Bourgon

Fiber Manager

613.822.3311 Ext. 221


Pierre Voisin

Construction Manager

613.822.3311 Ext. 223


Mike Coté

Construction Manager

613.822.3311 Ext. 225


Paul Howarth

General Manager

613.822.3311 Ext. 232



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